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Alright, it’s finally here, the Reborns Gundam! Got it back last year during October and I only managed to complete it now. Anyway, as you might have seen already in the previews, I decided to do some extensive weathering on this kit because of a broken knee cap. But still, everything looks really good to me.

It is also the first model which I sprayed Flat coat onto it, while all the previous models are being sprayed with Semi-Gloss coat. ^^ Anyway, lets cut the crap and take a look at the model itself!

Front view.

Rear view.

For weapons and accessories, this guy came with quite a handful of them.

First off, the Reborns Gundam is equipped with a GN Buster Rifle. To me, it looks like the rifle version of the original GN Sword that Exia has or the GN Sword III the 00 Raiser has. It looks pretty nice though.

Next up, the Reborns has a GN Shield mounted onto his left arm. Instead of being just a shield, 4 small GN Fin Fangs are being mounted to the shield too! They can be slide out from the shield but too bad they are not detachable.

For melee weapons, two beam saber holders are mounted onto the back. However, only one clear beam came with the kit and I had to paint it clear orange. But still, it looks really good!

The last accessory of the Reborns Gundam will be the large detachable GN fin fangs on his back. There is no specific way to with pose it and it only sits on the back of the Reborns. However, they still look really nice and they will come in handy after the transformation.

Now for the Reborns Cannon!

The transformation is actually pretty simple. The only parts that are needed to be swapped are the fists. Really, I don’t think of any ways that the hands can be kept in the arms during the transformation in such a small scale, so I guess this part swapping thing is okay for me.

Anyway, the lets are also bent forward, and while doing that, the red panles on the sides split open by itselves. Very nice feature there! The Gundam head will also bent down, lifting the neck panel out to reveal the Cannon head and that’s basically it!

The Reborns Cannon still have all the weapons from its Gundam mode. The Buster Rifle, Shield and beam sabers are still on him, however there is a different sets of hands. It is seen to be able to shoot out from the arm and grip onto suits and shock them with electrical wires but too bad the kit doesn’t come with a wire cord to do so. That’s a pity. ^^;

So yeap, that’s all for this kit. I have to say that it has been a fun process building this kit. I try some new methods of weathering of myself and the results are pretty satisfying.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and I will catch you guys next time!

Till the next post!



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My manga collection!

My collection is not huge and as a Gundam fan, most of these mangas are all about Gundam. But still, I would like to share with you this little collection of mine. ^^

All of them are in Mandarin so do not worry if you do not undersatnd Japanese. They cost about SGD 5 to 10 each and I gotta say that they are really worth it.

Basically, my collection is made up of a number of different Gundam series and a few books on Prince of Tennis. ^^ Lets take a look at them.

First off! I got these two books only yesterday amd they are all about the events from the first season of Gundam 00. It seems that there are only 3 books to complete the whole series but I only have 2 currently.

Anyway, the contents are really interesting. They show mechanical designs of the Mobile Suits that are featured and also show many famillar scenes from the show.

For example, there are scenes from the first episode where Exia defeated the Enact in just a flash and also how Setsuna oen his cockpit and met Ali face to face during a battle.

However, Soma was not seen anywhere in both books, as well as her Tieren Taozi. Some scenes are also missing while others are being replaced like instead of Ali thrashing Setsuna with his Argrissa Type Enact, Setsuna defeated him but allows him to escape. So yeah, the manga is not completely based on the actual series but it is still worth the buy though. ^^;

Next up will be Gundam Seed! Got it a few years back already and well, the whole series only consists of two books. I think that the whole story is a little to rush here and many of events are not from the actual series.

For example, Justice was destroyed by a few grunt mobile suits overpowering him with firepower. While Providence was destroyed by Freedom’s cannons instead of getting stabbed.

Not the best but still a pretty cool series.

Continuing from the Seed line is Gundam Seed Destiny! Although it is a four parter, many of the events from the actual series are not included too while some of them are being modified.

Next up is the Seed Astray line. Honestly speaking, this is one of my favourite series in my entire collection. Basically, it tells the story of the three Astray mobile suits and Lowe Gule as the protagonist.

Mysteries from the original series are all being solved in this side manga series. For example, Kira was actually being saved by Lowe and that’s how he got to space, met Lacus and got the Freedom. In the final part, it is also seen that the Gold Frame Amatsu was being defeated by the Red Frame with Blue’s Frame’s Tatical Arms.

This is a must get for all Gundam Seed fans!

Continuing from the Astray line will be X Astray! It continues the last scene from the final chapter of the Astray series, showing how Lowe met with Carnard in his Hyperion.

It shows the events of the battle between the Hyperion and the Dreadnought and how it ended with Prayer, Dreadnought’s pilot, sacirficing himself in order to protect Carnard from Hyperion’s nulcear explosion. Pretty cool. ^^

Next up will be the Astray R series. It follows the adventures of Lowe and the Junk Guild. It also shows how Lowe got the Gebera Straight for his unit, and also, upgraded his machine to both the Power Loader and Powered Red in order to wield his 150 meters Gebera Straight after being inspired by the METEOR Unit.

The last Gundam related manga in my collection will be the Destiny Astray series. It follows the adventures of photojournalist, Jess Rable in his Astray OutFrame. It is set between the events of SEED and Destiny, which  reveals the actual pilots of the Chaos, Abyss and Gaia during a photoshoot while the suits were being tested.

Jess was then being confronted by Ash Grey in his Testament which eventually defeated him after modifying the heavily damaged OutFrame.

So yeap, tha’s is basically it for my Gundam Manga Collection. They are really interesting. Get it when you see it in stores!

The last series I have is the Prince Of Tennis. There are 42 books in total but I only got 6. They are pretty interesting.

The last book shows the final match between Ryoma and Yukimura. Ryoma eventually wins the match by unlocking the Pinnacle of Perfection. Although I find the scenes alittle too exaggerated, this is still a really cool series. Check out the anime if you can!

Alright, that’s all for this post. I hope you have enjoyed it.

Till the next post and enjoy reading your mangas!

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Reborns Gundam Preview!

Hah! It has been such a long time since the last post. I did not even touch Gunpla since school started again. Luckily, knowing how tight my scheldule is going to be, I had already done this photoshoot during the weekends in preperation for this post!

Anyway, these are just some pictures of Reborns clashing with 00 Raiser. I gave the 00 Raiser some battle damaged treatment in order to match up the Reborns Gundam. I got 3 00 Gundams already so I thought I could just do something to one of them. Haha. ^^

Anyway, I will just let the pictures do the talking, enjoy the pictures!

Till the next post!

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Just a short note, I have added another extra page here which is mainly on my enitre Gunpla collection yesterday. Click it on the top to check it out. 🙂

Till the next post!

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HG Reborns Gundam Update!

I have been working on this kit for these few days and unfortunately, things did not went that well. ^^;

Basically, everything was alright before building the legs. And while working on the legs, the worse thing happen, the knee armour broke. I knew something as the pegs that connect both the knee armour and the sliding joint together was too weak while at the same time, the connection was too tight.

I was trying out the transformation of the legs when the part broke… oh well. Anyway, I tried to glue the pieces back but it did not work so I thought I should just do some battle damage effects on it. ^^;

There’s the broken part at the left knee. =(

Anyway, I have not completed the kit yet. The weathring and battle damaged effects are not completed as well. And well, I am pretty busy with school now, I might not have enough time to complete this guy and Kakuka Virsago before school reopens.

So yeah… here are some pictures for the day. ^^;

Here are some pictures of Reborns Cannon too. And for some reasons, I prefer Reborns Cannon to its Gundam Mode.

Haha, that’s basically it for the day. I will try to finish him by tomorrow as I will get really busy for the next few days.

So yeah, that’s all for this post. Thanks for viewing!

Till the next post!

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I have finally managed to completed this custom kit of mine and I’m sure that this is the first completed kit that I’m posting here on my new blog.  And well, it’s gonna be a pretty short one. ^^;

Anyway, I’ve been thinking of using this as my entry for the up- coming Gundam competition, but I just could not think of any ideas for the diroma and the base. So yeah, I might not join the competition and just leave this little kit alone. ^^;

Anyway, here’s a front and rear view of the kit. I did some changes to the kit as you can see by adding a piece of cloth onto the back as a cloak, and a new blade taken from my HG Ginn Type High Manuever II.

 I also used the shades sticker for the eyes instead of the normal one since I’ve already ripped the previous one. Hmm…. I think the shades are pretty cool though. ^^

And of course, I changed the colour scheme from the original yellow to silver and blue. ^^

I really like the new blade and the effects that can be done by the cloak. Also, if you guys can see, I tried dry brushing some blue onto the edges of the body and I am quite satisfied with how it turned out.

Here’s a small comparision with my gold Ryuubi. I really like both of them standing side by side there, very nice. ^^

That is all for my post on this custom kit of mine. Everything is basically the same with the original, only with some minor changes.

So yeap, I hope you guys have enjoyed it.

Oh, just before I forgot, thanks for all the readers for helping to make 500 views here. Thanks again everyone!

Till the next post!

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I have been thinking on my schedule of Gunplas these few days fot the March holidays. However, I could not come up with a satisfying plan as there are too many stuff for me to do and I am certain that a week’s time is not enough.

Just look at this pile of uncompleted Gunplas! Phew! I never knew I have stock up so much kits since the Gundam Fiesta.

Sheesh, I am speechless. D=

Oh anyway, I have just edited the pages on the header. Check it out if you guys have the time. Thanks! ^^

Till the next post!

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