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Current projects

Band is being cancelled for 3 weeks in preparation for the upcoming exams and it has been already a week already.  Sheesh, this kinda puts me down lately. Anyway, because of that, I have more time to concentrate on my studies, and also work on some current projects of mine. ^^;

I’ve been working on my 1/100 Exia throughout the week, but I only managed to finish the arms and the GN-Sword. I did some extra paint job which I have not thought of initially.

There’s a trend in Exia’s head for all its kits. There tends to be a really ugly seam line in between the head and I tried to cover it up as much as I could. And I think that the line is still visible. I am not sure whether the Master Grade version has it or not, but it ceratinly doesn’t look good on the Exia.

Other than that, everything is great. Things went smoothly and the parts just looks awesome.

I applied Tamiya’s Chrome Silver onto the GN Sword. It looks really shiny, but there are still spots that need some improvements which I will look into some other time. ^^;

I also painted the barrel of the pistol and the underside of the GN Sword’ shield piece for added detail. Looks pretty good to me. Steel red is being used for the circle on the top of the shield piece. ^^;

Other than that, I painted the GN Condensers which I discovered some really nice results from my metallic green marker. ^^

Previously with other kits, I just apply a coat of the metallic green to the clear pieces. The metallic green marker tends to be clear green for some reasons.

However, a coat might be too thick sometimes and while working on the Exia, I cleaned it up with some thinner. The pieces are then left to dry and the clear green turns out to be really great!

The clear green pieces looks really great with the dark green stickers that are provided being placed underneath it.

So yeap, that’s all for the progress for my Exia. However, I do have some other projects on hand which are kinda exciting for me. I do have quite a few backlogs undone but these kits are the ones that I would be working on for the moment. ^^;

I am thinking of changing the colour scheme of Genbuso Ryofu Tallgese which I’ve got some time ago. the silver would be changed to the steel red which is the colour used for Exia’s GN Sword shown on the top.

It is actually the normal gun metal colour with a tinge of red to it. And I thought it would look great on the Tallgese. ^^ I’m still currently thinking of other ideas for the colour scheme though.

Up next is the brothers which comes in the set of the Senjin Gasshin Shu Gundam!

I have almost completed one of the guy already with a colour change from the normal blue to a darker intermediate blue. I intend ti change the colour scheme for the other guy too by using Russet. A darker red, kinda like wine red. ^^

Oh and just when I thought I can proceed with the current list, I realised I’ve forgotten my long lost Kakuka Virsago.

I have a lot of kits on hand but I never seem to finish anyone in time. Haha! ^^;

Anyway, I still gotta say that Imight not follow the current project list of mine consistently because of the upcoming exams but these kits are certainly some to be look out for for the moment. ^^;

Hope you guys have enjoyed it.

Till the next post!

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New loot!

I dropped by Century Square yesterday and went to Hobby Point to find the stuff I want. To my suprise, I saw a small note that says that Hobby Point is part of the Great Singapore Sale and if I am not wrong, all the kits are at a 20% discount! The sale starts during the 23rd of April and ends at the 30th of June I think. I also asked the shop owner and he says that the discount applies to the original price of the kits.

Seeing such great deals, I can’t resist but to get some stuff there. ^^

I got the HGUC Zaku II F2 and the 1/100 Exia!

I wasn’t planning to get these two initially. At first, I was thinking of getting the E.F.S.F version of the F2 Zaku and the 1/100 Dynames. However, I find E.F.S.F Zaku kinda plain looking and there wasn’t a 1/100 Dynames on the shelves. Therefore, I purchased these two kits.

And well, I got these two kits at quite a really great price. ^^ The Exia cost about 39 after the discount and the Zaku was about 26.

Anyway, lets take a look at the Zaku II F2 first!

From what I’ve read before, this version of the Zaku seems to be the best so far and I am really anitcipating its final product. ^^ However, I am a little dissappointed that this Zaku still doesn’t have wasit articulation even thought the torso and the waist are completely seperate parts.

The manual also shows some kits that are released quite a while ago from the Stardust Memory line. The GP02A looks really great there. ^^ 

Now for Exia!

The Exia is my first 1/100 kit from the 00 line. I have seen reviews and pictures of it and it looks really great. So I thought of picking it up first instead of Kyrios or Virtue which were both available yesterday.

I built it staright away after I got back home. And as you can see from the picture above, the kit comes with rubbery parts for the GN Stripes and clear pieces for the GN Condensers which unfortunately, painting is required.

I have only finished the torso and the head already. It looks really great beside the 00 there. ^^

So yeap, that’s all for this short little post. Drop by Hobby Point sometime and take a look there. They have kits at really great prices. ^^

Till the next post!

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Exia Repair preview!

“Aren’t you Setsuna. F. Seiei…??”

Here’s a short preview of my current project I’m working on right now, the Exia Repair! ^^

I always wanted a kit of the Exia Repair but there’s only the MG version of it and to get it, you gotta spent a little more than the normal MG Exia to get the Ignition mode version of the kit. And with that, you can convert the Exia to the Repair mode but I really don’t see a point in spending extra money on it, so yep, I tried to do the Exia Repair myself.

I’ve not completed it yet but this is what I have done so far. I am still thinking of ways to weather it and also to have the cloak tied or sticked to the left arm. The cloak is currently being held by blu-tack. ^^;

I tried to make it look as simliar to the one shown on screen. However, I also added some extra damage of mine to it. ^^

The only accessory left on the model is the GN Sword, and as you can see, it is half broken.

So yeap, that’s all for this small little preview of the Exia Repair. Due to my busy schedule, the progress is slow, but I would still try to finish it up as quickly as possible. ^^;

On the other hand, I am also working on another kit of mine. It’s one of the Shi-Bai brothers which came with the Giant Monster set. I changed the colour scheme and everything is going pretty well!

Alright, that’s all for this short little post.

Till next week!

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Before starting the post, here’s something non-related, but I just can’t forget it. =D

Had a really great night yesterday. It was my 3rd performance in the percussion section of  NCWO and the last for my seniors. Everything went on very well and it was an awesome experience. I defintely enjoyed myself last night and I certainly hoped that everyone who performed or attended the concert last night have enjoyed it. ^^ Cheers!

Alright, I had finally completed the SD Unicorn. Really nice kit and definitely worth the buy.

The kit comes with the basic weapons the Unicorn has and they all look really good. The beam saber actually came in clear pink this time! Not bad. ^^

For the Unicorn mode, even though pyscho frames are still being shown at the lower body, it is understandable as a small SD kit can’t possibly seal up all the pyscho frames with its tiny parts.

Anyway, for the tansformation, here’s a small imitation from the first episode of Gundam Unicorn! ^^

The transformation is simple and great. Don’t worry about tiny flaps or anything like the one from the MG version.

The weapons remain the same in the destroy mode. The only difference is the pyscho added frame behing the shield.

So yeah, that’s all about it for the kit. Again, it’s a very nice little SD kit to pick up. Get it while it’s still in stores!

Till the next post!

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I have been working on this little guy since last week and the progress is pretty fine. However, there are still some minor problems here and there which I will get to later on. ^^;

Anyway, this kit is really nice. The transformation is simple but I am afraid that the parts will get loose after swapping them here and there as they do not have polycaps on them. And straight after building the head, the V- fin is already a problem.

Unlike what the manual shows, the V- fin does not close entirely when in Unicorn mode. It leaves a gap in between and it seems that many people who have this kit face the same problem.

The barrel of the beam rifle does not fit perfectly together too, I guess some super glue will do the job. ^^;

However, despite these problems, I still think that this is one of the best versions of the Unicorn as compared to its MG counterpart. Simple transformation, easy to build!

So yeap, that’s all for this update…

Till its completetion! 

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