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I got this guy withthe HGUC Geara Zulu before the exams and I managed to finish it up during the exam period. There are actually two forms you can choose to make, the Land Type and Full Vernier as there are parts for both forms.

You can choose to make the land type even when you finished the full vernier by swapping parts and replacing some but it is quite a hassle so I decided not to do so.

Front view.

Rear view.

The kit does not come with any yellow parts at all so yeah, those vents are painted. Some other parts that require paitning are the holes on the shoulders and the giant thrusters on the back and that’s basically all about it.

Some mistakes I did was that I placed the eye sticker a little off-centered. Unlike the SD kits nowadays, the GP01 doesn’t have molded eyes, just a flat surface. Because of this, it is hard to know where the sticker should be place to be in line.

The accessories it comes with includes a mini beam rifle, a really small shield and two beam sabers! You rarely see two beam sabers in a SD kit and what’s more one of them is red in colour. I painted the white one red just for GP01FB’s use.

On the other side, the shield is really small. GP01’s shield has always been considered one of the largest in my opinion but the one in this SD is really tiny. GP01 can barely defend itself. Haha… ^^;

Lastly, here is a look at the extra parts that the kit came with to make the land type unit of the GP01.

So yeap that’s pretty much it for this short post on my SD GP01FB kit. Being quite a old kit already, it is considered as a pretty good SD kit, so get if if you see it still in stores if you want a simple and nice SD kit to add on to your collection.

Haha, I realised my posts are getting shorter nowadays. Anyway, I would be away for 2 days starting from tommorrow. So that’s all for this post, till the next post!

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Thanks to my dad for this wonderful gift, Ifinally  managed to get my hands on the 1/100 Gundam Dynames! I’ve been wanting this kit for quite a long time already and the only place I know of mhaving it is the BHG outlet at Century Square. And only 1 box of it is left lying on the shelf.

I spent the whole night yesterday working on it. I was kinda tired so there are still some flaws and stuff to be touched up later. And well, I’m still left with the GN Full Shield and the GN Sniper Rifle to be done.

I’ve completed the GN Beam Pistols and well, I gotta say that they are very nice. Being a fan of Exia’s famous GN Sword, I like the Beam Pistols of the Dynames too.

Anyway, I did made some mistakes and problems while building the kit too. For Exmaple, while removing the gate materials left on one part of the foot, I accidentally scratched the parts of the foot. The cut wasn’t too deep so I managed to solve the problem with some sandpaper but I would  go touch up on it later with some more sanding and a flat top coat. ^^

Secondly, the clear green I tried applying on the clear pieces this time did not turned out as well as the Exia’s. However, after several attempts, the green turned out quite well to me. ^^

Oh and before I forgot, the scope on the forehead turned out really great too. The scope piece is actually entirely clear and grey should be added to it. I painted the lense of the scope a coat of metallic blue which in the end turns out to be a very thin clear blue. Then, I added grey to the exterior and everything worked out really great.

Alright, that’s all for the update. You can still some sloppy work done on the kit so yeah, I would be touching it up later on, as well as finishing up the kit. ^^

That’s it for now, till the next post!

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Random shots for the day

School holidays has just started.  And well, I hope to enjoy it as much as possible but the homework I recieved for the holidays are just so much. Anyway, I’m pretty satisfied with my results. So yeap, that’s good. ^^;

For this post, I would be just posting some random pictures of my collection, kinda tired to review anything. So yeah, enjoy the pictures. =)

TaiShiCi finally in progress!

Till the next post!

Enjoy the holidays! =)

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The exams are finally over today! I can finally focus more on my Gunplas and of course my band. ^^ Anyway, I built this guy during the exam period. I did a simple snap build, put some linings on and kept everything as simple as it could be. And well, this kit turned out pretty good overall despite some flaws which I would get to later. ^^

Front view.

Rear view.

Being an upgrade of the original Zaku II, this kit did came with some additional features. And being a recent kit, this Zaku definitely beats the crap out of the original 2004 release. ^^

Articulation on this guy is pretty decent. The lack of a waist joint is understandable since it has all those pipes running around it. However, the torso and the waist are seperate parts and that’s already a great improvements in the HGUC Zakus. ^^ The legs dissappointed me a little with its articulation but the knee armour is actually sepearte from the leg and that’s a really nice touch.

I like the flat design of the head. It looks really nice together with its bulky body. What’s more, the accessories it came with are just great!

The first machine gun it has is pretty nice with a simple design. It can be held firmly with no problems at all.

The second machine gun which seems to be a improved variant of the orignal Zaku machine gun also look pretty well with the F2 itself. ^^ The missile launchers on the legs are pretty nice. However they don’t stay on the legs that good.

The heat hawk should be purple but I was lazy and just left it the way it is. It’s pretty nice and it holds better in the hand than the previous Zaku release. It can also be mounted on the side skirts of the F2 for storage but it doesn’t hold that well. ^^;

Other stuff it came with includes a set of grenades that can be mounted on the side skirts, an extra ammo round for the machine gun, 2 other helmets and some decals.

Here’s a comparision with the original Zaku II. To me, the Zaku II feels really hollow and loose while everything on the F2 just feels solid and right. The design of the F2 is great and it is definitely worth the buy.

So that’s about it for this post! This kit kinda makes me wanna buy the E.F.S.F version of the F2. ^^

Till the next post!

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One more paper to go and it is the end of my exams! Anyway, I got back home early today since the paper was pretty short so I decided that I shall post about the completed 1/100 Gundam Exia I did last week.

The Exia, being well-known for its Seven Swords and its awesomeness, it has always been one of my favourite suit of all time. And well, seeing hobby point having a sale, I can’t resist but to get my hands on this guy.

The kit is just really great. Being the first 1/100 scale model of the 00 line, it stood up really good and it even surpasses several older master grades.

Just what can I say about it? I’m speechless. ^^;

Enjoy the pictures ahead!

Epic GN Sword. Most significant weapon of the Exia! ^^

GN Long and Short Blades. The last two swords in the the seven swords system. =)

GN Beam Sabers. Gundams just can’t make it without them. ^^:

GN Beam Daggers. It’s a pity that they were always being lost in battles. Setsuna would just throw them around like nothing. Oh well… ^^

Last but not least, the GN Shield!

So yeap that’s all for the Exia. The kit got really great colour seperation, articulation and design! Grab it if you still see it in stores, it’s not really easy to find them nowadays.

Hope you have enjoyed it.

Till the next post!

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The exams are coming and I am very sure that there wouldn’t be any time for any Gunplas for these 2 weeks. So yeap, these 2 weeks would be a time for revision and studies and there won’t be any posts for the moment.

And well, just an update, I completed the HGUC Zaku II F2 a few days ago. Wanted to post it today but I’m kinda shattered after finishing up some prepartory studies on my art exam.

Anyway, that’s all for this short update. Till the next post!

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