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Continuing with the Gundam 00 theme, here’s the 00 Gundam 7 Swords/G! i’ve completed this kit really long ago already, but since I thought I have some free time now, why not post it up?

With only one GN Drive left after the final battle against the Innovators, the 00 Gundam is fitted with an additional GN Condenser and the 7 Swords System, together with a all new blaster which makes up for the “G” in the name. Basically, this is the GNHW verison of the 00 Gundam like the other 3 Gundams have, and well, this unit is also used for experimenting the 00 riaser Condenser type, leading to the 00 Qan[T] in the movie.

The 7 Swords have always been one of my favourite MS of all time and I was delighted to get the model kit of it. But what I’m not expecting for is the new blaster weapon. Simple conventional weapon but it’s no match for the buster sword. The giant GN Buster Sword, developed from the sword from GN-XIIs, is one of the main weapon of the unit. Incredible weapon with GN Field! And well, it’s quite obvious that the design is then planted into Qan[T]’s. ^^;

The GN Sword IIs from the orignal 0o Gundam is now the GN Long and Short Sword. The Long one is able to transrom into a dual handle rifle while the short one is some sort of projectile weapon. These 2 swords are a really nice addition to the overall unit itself.

And for the last 2 accessories, they would be the GN Beam Sabers and the GN Katars. Standard GN Beam Sabers with clear beams! The GN Katars might have some connections to Setsuna’s abilities as he’s able to use most melee weapons during his training in KPSA. I thought so since the Katars are unusual weapons that you don’t usually see on a Gundam itself.

So yeah, that’s all for the accessories for the 7 Swords. From what I know, the 7 Swords is able to go Trans-Am for a mere 0.03 seconds and it was used against a GN-XIII before. But still, the unit is then converted back to the 00 Raiser with the GN Condensers fitted into it. The Condenser Type is then temporarily used in the ELS War but with unsatisfying results as the Qan[T] was still in preparation.

So yeap, that’s about it. the model itself might have some loose parts and even excess platic molded on the face plate maybe due to the number of times the mold was reused, resulting in defects. But still, the kit is a great buy and well, with all the accessories it come with, there’s a possibility of a mod. 🙂

Till the next post! 😀

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Alright, so I’d went to watch the all new Gundam 00 movie, A wakening of the Trailblazer this afternoon. And wow, the movie was great but still there are some parts which I’m quite disappointed about. the overall plot of the movie was suprising. There are some scenes that you would never expected while some are just humourous.

 I’m sure many of you guys would already know most of the story plot by watching the movie itself or reading up from sites like Ngeekhiong. But still, I would like to talk about the entire movie itself, not the story plot, but just my thoughts of it.

The contents below are all based from what I remembered so apologies if some of the info are wrong. And well, there are SPOILERS ahead, so yeah. ^^;


– First of all, I really like the theme of understanding each other to mantain peace and not using force instead. And well, the overall movie fits the theme perfectly.

-The graphics and animations were so awesome you wouldn’t want to blink an eye. The battles were intense with beams firing all around and explosions going on everywhere.

-The mobile suits featured in this movie would be one of main points of the movie I guess. Zabanya and Harute were the ones doing almost everything during the last battle for Celestial Being’s side, thier efforts should be honoured. Setusna had a custom Flag left a deep impression in me and was featured in the first quarter of the movie, protecting Marina from GN-XIVs. The grunt suits, mainly Braves and GN-XIVs were amazingly awesome, Trans-Am packed somemore!

-Raphael had an awesome battle scene, one of the greatest in the show.

-The ELS are able to control any vehicles and even form MS or battleships by themselves, which adds intensity to the show.

-The 00 Raiser is fitted with GN condensers and it made an appearance in the show, going Trans-Am Burst!

– Even though the 00 Quanta got himself featured only during the last fight, the action scenes it got was pretty awesome. The Quantum System it has stunned me which made the whole suit glow in green, instead of the red in Trans-Am. Great stuff there.

-Dynames made an appearance an saved Allelujah and Marie from an epic ELS chase.

– Graham Aker is on Celestial Being’s side. He saved the Gundams from the ELS attack together with his Brave team and also did a comendable last effort to help Setsuna. His words,”Live on and blaze a trail for the future!” leaves a great impression in me. 🙂

-Patrick was almost killed by the ELS. When he thought his “immortality” was over, Setsuna rescued him. No doubt the Immortal Colasour.

-Andrei Simirinov died in efforts to stop the ELS. I never like him, he should have died in season 2 already.

-There are some scenes that were really funny which also adds humour to the show.

The songs in the the movie were great. I really like them and I think they do fit the movie perfectly well.

-Other than the movie itself, the trailers were awesome too. The earlier trailers did a great job in hiding some of the important facts of the movie.

-The ending was peaceful. 🙂


Decartes Shaman, which was first thought as one of the main antagonists of the show, was actually a minor character afterall. He died while fighting the ELS. What’s more Setsuna doesn’t seem to know who he is. However, the scenes of the Gadelaza with him in it was amazing.

-Raphael was one of the Gundam which I looked forward too but it got little screen time. It got an awesome intro, saving the Zabanya, Harute and the Condenser Type 00 Raiser. But it got destroyed in the second battle against the ELS which was really dissappointing. I was hoping it to have some scenes during the final battle.

-Raphael’s “secret form’ was not as great as the previous two predessecors, the Nadleeh and Seraphim. The giant backpack of the Raphael was indeed the secret form and the name?? Seravee, a bulky MS with some of Seraphim’s features. ^^;

-Gramham Aker’s last effort was honourable but he died in the end..

-I find the first half of the movie a little too draggy. There are too much politics in it.

-The sceond half of the movie was too rush, a complete opposite to the first half. The final battle came with just a scene of “a few days later” at the subtitles.

-The ending wasn’t really a full stop to the entire story.

– The fate of most characters are unknown. It wasn’t explained whether Celestial Being went rebuilding again since it suffered quite heavy damages during the battle.

-The battle ended with the ELS transforming into a  giant flower, the one Setsuna had before. So what happened there?

-I don’t really understand the last scene of the movie, where a faded-grey young Setsuna appears in front of a blind and aged Marina since the 00 Quanta went to the ELS home world thorugh a w0rm hole created by the Sword Bits I think. Also, the 00 Quanta was covered with flowers outside Marina’s house. It seems that Feldt is on the losing side now. ^^;

Surprises and doubts

I was expecting Decartes to feature in the last battle, going  against Setsuna, but he died even before the battle started.

-The ending was totally unexpected, a giant flower ends the war.

-40% of the human population are Innovators and some are on board a ship to somewhere, I think for exploration purposes.

-I don’t really get the last scene and its purpose where Aeolia, in his 40-60s, was talking to a guy, which was actually the true form of Ribbons.

So yeah, I think those wrap up for my thoughts on the movie itself. There were premiums being sold but I thought those were so expensive that it’s a scam. A plastic bag worths $9.90!! But still, the Clear HG 00 Qan[T] was worth the price and many bought it but not me.

Overall, I think the movie was great. Every 00 fan should have a look at it, and well, Singaporeans are lucky this time to have the same day premiere as Japan with subtitles somemore. I do hope that the suits featured in the film would have a model kit release and also side stories to reveal the unrevealed.

That’s all for this post, till the next one!

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I attended half of Mr Kawaguchi Sensei’s demo yesterday at the Gundam Fiesta, and well, it was pretty good. He was doing a demo on weathering on the Ball and that was after I bought the HGUC Ball Twin Set so I thought I should try out some of his techniques. But after such a busy day, I decided to start on one of the Ball and leave it the way it is. the second Ball would then be used for weathering and stuff like that. 🙂

Being such a simple kit, I thought it would be a rather good  and relax build by taking a break from kits that needs mass-painting or modifications. No polycaps are needed for this model, and despite being so, the model stood up well and there are no loose joints so far. ^^;

One of the two basic accessories it came with is the double cannon that can be mounted on the top.They look pretty good up there but it would be nice if Bandai added metallic green stickers for the sensors on the cannons as the kit doesn’t have any stickers provided at all. ^^;

Besides the Double Cannon, there is also the Recoiless Cannon, which actually looks like the Hyper Bazooka of the Gundam to me! It looks rather nice on the head of the Ball though.

These are the only two accessories the Ball came with and you can only place either one of them on top of the Ball. I thought it would be a waste to leave one of them in the box so I decided to do some minor modifications to it to combine all three cannons together. 😀

I took a piece which is actually essiential for the making of the double cannon from the second Ball and glued it on to the top of the base of the double cannon. I think I placed the piece a little off-centered but still, it allows the recoiless cannon to be placed on top of the double cannon and I’m quite satisfied with the results there. 😀

And with that paired together with all the articulation points, you can pose the cannons in any directions you want even though it does look a little goofy. 🙂

And the Ball being a ball, there are some scenes that you can recreate together with other models! ^^


Basketball! Rugby maybe? 8)

Actually I got these ideas from Hobby no Toriko’s review on the ball and I thought it was pretty cheesy and fun to recreate these poses too! ^^;

Here’s a comparision with the SD RX-78-2 Gundam as well as the RG RX-78-2 Gundam.

Overall, I think the HGUC Ball Twin Set is a pretty good buy.The design of the Ball is cute and is also really detailed with a cockpit inside it. There is also a small display stand included in the set. It’s not suprising that the Ball would come in a pair as one would be a little too pointless. The price of the set is decent and everything is very nice. Simple kit with satisfying results! 😀

Till the next post!

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So here’s another kit completed. Finished it last evening, and well, I’m really impressed by the model. ^^; This is no doubt one of the most important kit added to my collection since I’m quite a 00 fan and the 00 Qan[T] being the lead Gundam of the upcoming movie, “A wakening of a Trailblazer”.

The 00 Qan[T], from what I know, is a hybird of the Exia and the 00 Gundam, which also have a mixed of technologies from all its predecessors like the Astraea, Exia R2 and even the 00 Seven Swords. Therefore, I’m sure the Quanta is definitely one of the strongest MS in the 00 universe. Anyway, lets move on to the kit itself. 🙂

I guess the 00 Qan[T]’s most striking feature would be its GN shield with all those sword bits attached to it since they are all clear green parts. Other than just being a regular shield, there is a piece inside which looks like a GN Drive. Isn’t it risky to place something so precious and important inside a shield, but then this allows the drive to physically connect to another GN Drive located on the Quanta’s back for some unknown purpose. And yeah, the Quanta do have a Twin Drive System and that’s what the ‘T” stands for in the name of the unit. 8)

The GN Sword Bits are one of the main weapons the 00 Qan[T] has. Basically, they are fang- like weapons which flys around and stab enemy MS, I’m not too sure if they would fire any beams though. However, one of the smaller sword bits can actually be used as daggers. This kinda reminds me of Exia’s beam daggers heh.. ^^;

Next up would be the GN Sword V. The GN Sword V is actually really nice with the condenser material for blade. However, I would prefer Exia’s GN Sword or the 00’s GN Sword III rather than the GN Sword V as I personally favour thier designs more. ^^;

The GN Sword V can also transform into its Rifle Mode. And well, although I don’t really like the Sword mode of the GN Sword V, I actually like the design of its Rifle mode! 😀

A special feature that the GN Sword V can pull off together with all Sword Bits is the awesome GN Buster Sword. This is definitely one hell of a weapon that Setsuna would use during one of the most epic scenes. The buster sword is indeed huge and quite heavy for the model but the model seems to be holding it up very well and there are so far no weight issues. Great! 🙂

Other than the GN Buster Sword, there’s also the GN Buster Rifle. I find the Buster Rifle a little too flat but it’s still pretty nice. Unlike the Buster Sword,  the hilt can’t be peg in to the arm, thus the Buster Rifle would fall sometimes if not properly posed due to its size and weight. ^^;

So that’s basically all the accessories included in the 00 Qan [T]. Other than those mention, there’s also a clear green base packaged together with the model itself. Very nice. 🙂

Anyway, to me, the 00 Qan[T] is defintely worth the buy though it’s a little more expensive than both its predecessors. However, I’m sure many would be satisfied with the result they get. The awesome accessories, nice clear green stand, pre-molded clear green parts, sleek design and of course being the main suit of the movie, this kit is definitely one kit that every 00 fan must grab!

Many are speculating the features of the 00 Qan[T]. What is exactly the Quantum System? And what is the true power of the suit itself? I’m actually really excited for the upcoming movie and of course, the debut of the Quanta and all the 3 other Celestial Being’s Gundams.

So yeap, that’s all for this post. I’m really liking this kit, get it if you guys haven’t yet!

Till the next post! 😀

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I’m at full speed!

Alright, so I’ve already finished building about 4 and a half kits from my birthday loot if you include the incomplete Stark Jegan and the Action Base 1. ^^;

Anyway, progress is pretty fast for me during this few days maybe because I’m in the “GO BUILD GUNPLA” Mode! I’d finished the HG Astraea just now, and it’s looking really awesome. I completed the HGUC GM Type- C on Saturday and the SD Clear set on Sunday. I decided to start on this few kits first as I kinda refrain myself from using too much paint or thinner and yeah, these kits I’ve done are very simple and straightforward to build, with the exception of the Astraea. ^^;

Anyway, back onto paint and thinners, I don’t wanna use them too frequently as the fumes they produce are kinda harmful. Tamiya paints are esecially so, with the huge warning label. Mr Color paints are okay as it states age 8 and above but I still refrain from using them too frequently. As for thinners and top coats, I would only use them when there’s really a need to do so. And while using all these items, I would be really careful too and even wear masks ocassionally. So yeah, to young modelers out there, do take notice of these items. 🙂

Alright, back to the main topic, I’ve given the Astraea a flat matt coat and it turned out really well! Here are some pictures to fill you guys in.

Another Astraea into my Astraea collection! LOL! 😀

Now, for the clear set featuring the SD 0 Gundam and Exia R2, I managed to finish them smoothly. But I still find them stiffer than the original ones, maybe due to the different plastic used this time round.

Lastly, for the GM Type- C, it turned out pretty nice as well. The frame and jonts used  this GM Type- C was pretty smooth and solid despite lacking a huge amont of polycaps. And well, this kit basically reused a lot of parts from the Powered GM as far as I can see. ^^;

And now for my current project, here’s the upper body Stark Jegan with some weathering done to it. I actually started on this before the Astraea, but I had a sudden urge to complete the Astraea so I started work on it last midnight and continued and completed the Astraea just now. 🙂

Looking good so far. Will be working on it as soon as possible.

Anyway, other than working on Gunplas at such high speed, I’ve done almost half of my holiday work already. I hope to finish everything by Thursday or Friday and then start work on another kit, maybe the HG 00 Qan[T] or the massive giant Ryuubi. I’d see about that.

So yeap, that’s all for this short update..

Till the next post! 8)

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Second trip to Gundam Fiesta!

Alright, so I took a trip down to the Gundam Fiesta yesterday again as it was my birthday. I got some really nice gifts from my friends and family.

But before that, I would like to show off some of the pictures I took yesterday. I believe many would already most of the stuff going on there by now, but still I think it’s worth to look on them once more. ^^;

There are many displays there, showing off the kits from the 00 line, MG line, Unicorn line and even the new Gunpla Builders line.

These four main kits are definitely a must have for 00 fans. I’m halfway there already! 🙂

The 00 section showcases most of the kits from the HG 00 line. And well, they are grouped accordingly like the Exia variations, 00 variations, Innovades’ suits and then the 3 other Celestial Being Gundams from both seasons.

Kits from the new Gunpla Builders series also got some place in the fiesta, with a preview of the HG Beginning Gundam and the HG Hi-Nu Gundam in GPB colours.

The MG section is pretty nice, showing off most of the kits like the Wing Gundam, The O, Sazabi and the Hi-Nu. There are also kits from the MG Figurise line and they look really great there!

Some of the event exlcusives shown above. Too bad these kits doesn’t have any discounts.

There are also kits from the SD Sangokuden line, Kiba Breaker kits and even handheld weapons for kids being showcased there!

Lastly, there’s also a giant diroma of Sangokuden, showing all the different factions battling against the Toutaku forces. Very huge, but too bad, they are not painted at all due to its scale. 😦

Anyway, that’s basically it for the pictures i took yesterday. There are still lots of stuff showcased there and I believe there are much more to come. Anyway, here’s the loot I got for my birthday last night. 😀

Thanks a lot to my parents, I got this awesome loot yesterday at the fiesta!

Another thing that I wasn’t expecting is this! These are the kits given by my friends. I really thank every single one who paid for these kits. Thanks alot guys! 😀

I would also like to thank the band for the songs and the drills, and of course everyone from the percussion section for the cake! Thanks for everything. 🙂

So yeap, that’s all I got. I sincerely thank every one of you guys for making this one of my best birthdays ever! Thank you! 😀

Anyways, that’s it for this post!

Till the next post! 😀

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Today is the start and the very first day of Gundam Fiesta Singapore 2010, located at Compass Point, Sengkang. Similar to last year’s event, the fiesta is held on the same dates and venues. Luckily for me, I stay pretty close to the venue, therefore, I decided to take a trip down to take a look at the event. 8)

I reached Compass Point around 11.30 and I already saw many people crowding outside the fiesta while some others managed to get in as they have got premium preview passes if I’m not wrong. Anyway, I camped outside the gate and while waiting for the fiesta to open, I read through all the flyers and booklets that the promoters are giving out. There are much more flyers this year as compared to last year’s event, and one of them even includes a Gunpla Navigation Booklet 2010 which I would get to later on.

Anyway, after the gates are open, I went in and take a look around. The setup is similar to last year’s event but with much more stuff which includes Gunpla Diromas, History of Gunpla, promotions of all the latest Gundam Series like the Brave Battle Warriors, Gundam Unicorn and Gundam 00 Movie: A Wakening of the Trailblazer, and many more other stuff.

I managed to take a handful of photos with my phone but the quality isn’t that great. But still, I’m really impressed by the displays that the fiesta have this year. They are really awesome. The displays include models done by many famous modelers here in Singapore, winners of the recent SD and MG Competition and even the new releases like the four main Gundams from the upcoming Gundam 00 Movie! 🙂

PG Gundam GP01FB done by Leon Ku. Really impressive work there! 😀

Some really nice MG Unicorn kits on display. ^^

There are also several stuff on display like the ANA flight limited edition kits, the Gundam 30th anniversary kits to promote the 30th anniversary of Gunpla!

As I walk deeper into the fiesta, I see severa Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors kits on display which includes the kits from the entire series, the new Kiba Breakers and even a Malaysian version of Sangokuden!!!

It is stated that these kits are not for sale, but from what I can see, I think that these kits are just some extra stuff that are included into the fiesta and I’m sure they won’t be released by Bandai in the future.

The entire Brave Battle Warriors series on display!

There are even toys which features the weapons of each of the characters in Sangokuden but it is stated that these toys are not for sale. I guess kids would be really interested in these heh. ^^;

Moving on from Sangokuden, there is the Gundam 00 Movie: A Wakening of a Trailblazer, featuring the new HG kits of 00 Qan[T], Zabanya, Harute and Raphael. I really gotta say that the kits on display really impressed me alot, especially the Raphael, and this made me want to get them all even more! Unfortunately, I couldn’t upload the pictures for some reasons, but still the Gundam 00 section of the fiesta is defintely one of the highlights there!

There is another section featuring Gundam Unicorn kits, and the ReZel and Delta Plus on display makes me want to get them both too! Other than that, there are other stuff on display like MG kits, SDX, and some other Gundam-related items I can’t seem to remember. ^^;

There’s a stage with the giant 1:1 scale RX-78-2 Gundam’s palm on it. Last year we got a footprint and this year, there’s a palm! Other than that, there’s a giant diroma on Sangokuden kits too.

Lastly, there’s the section where the buying of Gunpla is held. Many limited edition kits and upcoming releases are on display, and like the previous year, customers have to get a number tag while buying the kits which is really well- organised. All kits are on a 20% discount except for limited edition items, and there’s even pre-ordering of upcoming kits like the HG Harute Gundam and Raphael Gundam!!Besides that, there is also a workshop held to give children a try out on building model kits. From what I’ve seen so far, they are build the FG Gundam Virtue, not bad heh. 🙂

So yeap, that’s basically a coverage of the event today. There are still some other parts which I had not went through and due to the lack of pictures, I might consider posting a second part on the Gundam Fiesta. 😀

Alright, moving on to my loot, I got myself a HG 00 Qan[T]!

Impressive looking kit, defintely a must get for 00 fans!

Other than the kit above, I got tonnes of flyers too! Let me see, 1 Gunpla Navigation Bookelt 2010, 3 Gundam Fiesta promo flyers, 1 Flyer on how Model making can improve the brain, 1 flyer featuring Gundam Unicorn and Gundam 00 Movie and 2 new Sangokuden Catalogue.

This is the Gunpla Navigation Catalogue for 2010. Itt features almost all the kits from the HG, MG and PG line. There are even SD kits and Gundam series covered in this booklet!

Next up is the flyer featuring both Gundam Unicorn and the Gundam 00 movie. It talks on the story of both the series and features some of the kits from the series.

The Sangokuden Catalogue features all the kits from the Brave Battle Warriors line and also some other stuff related to SD kits.

Lastly, the flyer on exercising one’s brain by building model kits is actually the same as the on I got from the Sangokuden fiesta during April this year.

As I’m still gonna take more trips down to the event, I wonder how many more of these stuff I would take. ^^;

So yeap, that’s pretty much all for today. I’m really impressed with the event so far, and I guess there would be lots more to come in the next 12 days. Till the next post!

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