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Alrightt, so here comes the first review of 2011, the HG Beargguy! Got this bear yesterday at a 20% discount and I managed to finish it late at night. Since I’ve just built the original Acguy, the constuction of this bear wasn’t really much for me and I just sat on my sofa for a relaxing and easy build. 😀

However, while browsing through the net few days ago, I got an idea to do a “custom” bear of mine, and yeap, the Wild Bear of Russia!! ^^;

As you all might know, the Wild Bear of Russia, Sergei Simrinov (totally screwed the last name…), has a trademark scar on the left eye. This idea hit me and I wanted the bear to have the same scar. With almost no planning and a really noobish skill, I started scribbing some lines onto the bear’s face and then went on with some silver paint.

The results were pretty great for me, just that the middle extension and the bottom should be much longer, but that doesn’t really matter. ^^; I’m pretty happy with the results I got and so now I got my very own Russian Bear! 😀

Despite being just a bear, this guy still retains almost all of Acguy’s weapons, but also added some of its own. 😀

The missile launchers on the hands still works fine. In addition to that, there is also a schoolbag on the back of the bear with a recorder hanging on the side. The bag is filled with missiles while the recorder fires beams together with the eyes! This is definitely not the regular school BEAR!

However, no matter how I look at it, Sergei really doesn’t need a school bag! 😀

The HG Acguy was famed for its articulation and partial inner frame and same goes for the bear. With such great articulation, this bulky bear can kneel with no difficulty at all. What’s more, the mouth can open up and reveal teeths, but mostly importantly, this opening mouth is for firing the beam recorder although you can’t do it with this model. ^^; However one downside of the bear is that the mono eye tends to fall off really easily. This tiny little piece might seem to click in really well, but it only stays there loosely, I almost lost it twice!

And with absolutely no reason at all, here’s a random picture of the bears I found lying around in my house. Sheesh, this is getting out of hand already!

Anyway, here’s the end of my look at the bear. Definitely a great model and a highly recommended kit. It has a really great bear look to it, which it obviously one of its main selling points, great articulation, highly customisable, you can really do almost anything you want with it!

However, there are still downsides to this kit and even the bear can’t escape my bashing! The tiny monoeye piece tends to fall of really easily. The model is also a little too pricey, the original Acguy is like round S$8 cheaper! 1890yen seems to be the standard price for HG nowadays and I can tell you that it’d continue to rise in the future. 😦

So yeap, that’s all for this post, hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

Till the next post! RAWR! 😀

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